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CAD & SoC Design Laboratory
Multi-valued Logic circuit design

Over the last few decades, CMOS-based digital circuits have been steadily developed. However, because of the power density limits, device scaling may soon come to an end, and new approaches for circuit designs are required. Multi-valued logic (MVL) is one of the new approaches, which increases the radix for computation to lower the complexity of the circuit. For the MVL implementation, ternary logic circuit designs have been proposed previously, though they could not show advantages over binary logic, because of unoptimized synthesis techniques. We propose a methodology to design ternary gates by modeling pull-up and pull-down operations of the gates. Our proposed methodology makes it possible to synthesize ternary gates with a minimum number of transistors. Based on this, we are being researched to implement a ternary circuit including a ternary SRAM. We want to implement ternary system such as Neuromorphic Architecture, GPU / CPU.